business development

for creatives

- Helping artists and designers master the business side of design -


The highest activity a human being can attain is learning to understand because to understand is to be free. – B. Spinoza

How do you differentiate yourself in an (any) industry where every artist and designer is trying to do the same thing?
You do that by learning things that most of your competitors won’t.

My goal is to help any creative professional build a successful business or career, by teaching them the fundamentals of positioning, sales, marketing, and strategy.


On my YouTube channel I share plenty of ideas about the business side of design. I believe in the idea that serving others creates more professional value than anything else. I preach this by making free content for anyone interested in hearing what I have to say. Although I come from the field of Architecture and Digital Design, my videos are watched also by graphic designers, concept artists, product designers, creative directors, business owners, and any other creative who has ever had to deal with a client.